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S. No. ORDER/CIRCULAR NAME Download Datedsort descending
1 Promotion of Shri V.K. Meena (staff No. 92160), Assistant executive Engineer (C), an officer of the P and T Building works group A service to the Grade of Executive Engineer(C) Download (31.25 KB) application/pdf 22.03.2017
2 Change of Nodal officers for implementation of SPARROW in DoT. Download (148.55 KB) application/pdf 23.03.2017
3 Instruction for consolidation and submission of Annual Accounts for 2016-17 schedule of due dates for closing of Accounts Download (17.52 MB) application/pdf 23.03.2017
4 Grant of NFU to ITS officers in SAG. Download (1.71 MB) application/pdf 23.03.2017
5 Shri Rajendra Prasad Sharma (Staff No.8234),ITS: Relieving from DoT to join BSNL. Download (20 KB) application/pdf 23.03.2017
6 Shri Rajiv Ranjan Tiwari (Staff No.20590):Appointment to the post of Advisor(Legal) in TRAI HQ. Download (424.68 KB) application/pdf 23.03.2017
7 Appointment of Shri Soumitra Mandal (Staff No.21176),ITS for Direct Benefit Transfer(DBT) Mission,Cabinet Secretariat. Download (392.61 KB) application/pdf 23.03.2017
8 Appointment of Shri Neeraj Singhal (Staff No.20601),ITS in NITI Aayog, New Delhi on lateral shift basis. Download (34.39 KB) application/pdf 23.03.2017
9 Submission of immovable property return (IPRs) by the civil stream officers of the Posts and Telegraphs Building Works (Group A) service for the year 2016 (as on 01.01.2017) Download (1.68 MB) application/pdf 23.03.2017
10 Representation of Shri Rama Krishna Nelli dated 18.03.2017 for convening of DPC for promotion of ITS officers in compliance of Hon'ble High court order dated 15.02.2017 Download (13.02 MB) application/pdf 27.03.2017
11 Implementation of online recording of Performance Appraisal Reports(PARs) for ITS officers w.e.f 2016-2017 Download (582.1 KB) application/pdf 27.03.2017
12 eAPAR (SPARROW) Manual - Individual User Download (1.05 MB) application/pdf 29.03.2017
13 eAPAR (SPARROW) Manual - PAR Manager Download (829.09 KB) application/pdf 29.03.2017
14 eAPAR (SPARROW) Manual - Primary PAR Custodian Download (1.85 MB) application/pdf 29.03.2017
15 Shri Nand Kishor Bijariniyan (Staff No.21261),ITS: Promotion JTS Grade to STS Grade on regular basis vacancy year 2015-16 Download (254.19 KB) application/pdf 29.03.2017
16 Provisional Seniority List in the grade of Junior Wireless Officers of WPC/WMO as on 01.01.2017 Download (4.7 MB) application/pdf 29.03.2017
17 Selection of ITS officers for the post of ADG in UIDAI Regional office Mumbai on Deputation. Download (33.79 KB) application/pdf 29.03.2017
18 Appointment of Shri Rajeev Kushwah (Staff No.20849),ITS to the post of CVO in MRPL, Mangalore. Download (33.33 KB) application/pdf 29.03.2017
19 Placing the services of Shri G Surendra Babu (Staff No.20286),ITS to UIDAI on Loan Basis. Download (29.77 KB) application/pdf 29.03.2017
20 Extension of Deputation of ITS officers in BBNL. Download (35.09 KB) application/pdf 29.03.2017
21 Extension of Time for Telecom Testing and Security Certification Download (378.47 KB) application/pdf 29.03.2017
22 ITS officers working in BSNL:-Implementation of online recording of Performance Appraisal Reports(PARs) for ITS officers w.e.f.2016-17 Download (651.67 KB) application/pdf 30.03.2017
23 Smt. Sushma Chopra(Staff No.34356),ITS: Transfer & Posting in DOT. Download (89.66 KB) application/pdf 30.03.2017
24 Proposed RR of AOs/AAOs of IP&TAFS Group 'B' Download (2.73 MB) application/pdf 30.03.2017
25 Extension of entrustment of Additional Charge of the post of Director (Planning), BBNL to Sh. B.K.Mittal Download (422.62 KB) application/pdf 30.03.2017


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