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Orders and Circulars

Downloadable files: 1. Revised Modal database  2. Shortcode[MSExcel](68 KB)

  1. Notification published in the Gazette of India dtd. March 9 2002.
  2. Payment of pension and dearness relief to absorbed (Gr C & D) employees of BSNL on IDA: DoT order No.36-9/2002-Pen(T) dt.22.4.2003
  3. Distinction of PPO for application of IDA: DoT order No.6-138/90-TA-I/Vol.VI dt.21.02.2003
  4. DP & PW order on IDA based pensionary benefits: DP&PW order No.4/61/99-P&PW(D) dt.20.12.02 and DoT endorsement no. 36-12/02-Pen(T) dt. 16.1.2003.
  5. Decentralisation of License fee collection function to CCA:
    a) Order No. 1-6/2001-LF dtd 15.5.2001
    b) Order No. 1-6/2001-LF dtd 8.10.2002
  6. Decentralisation of Disbursement of Universal Service Subsidy- monitoring etc. : Order No. 30-15/2002-USF (Vol.II) dt.5.2.2004
  7. Clarification on various USF issues letter no. 30-15/2002-USF (Vol.II) dt.22 April 2004
  8. Spectrum Charges Collection guidelines in respect of Cellular operators: O.M. No. WFD/1018/2004 dated 6.2.2004
  9. Payment of pension / family pension to employees absorbed in BSNL clarification - Order No. 14-13/2002 PEN(T) dt.15.1.2003.
  10. Merger of DoT Cells order No. 7-18/2002-TA-I dt. 13.6.2003.
  11. Diversion of clerical and Gr.D staff working in the Pension Section In DoT Cells order NO. 34-31/2000-SEA dt. 23.1.2001.
  12. Clarification of MH&FW on extension of CS(MA) Rules 1944 to Central Govt. pensioners residing in areas not covered by CGHS MH&FW order no. S.14025/4/96 MS dt. 20.8.2004 and DoT circular no. 150 dt. 5.10.2004
  13. Introduction of new pension scheme in the Department of Telecommunication
    DOT OM No.7-24/2004/TA-I dated 05/01/2005.[MSWORD](25.5 KB)
    DOT OM No.7-24/2004/TA-I dated 21/02/2005.[MSWORD](34 KB)
  14. A pension adalat for DOT/Bsnl pensioners is proposed to be held in Kerala Circle.[MSWORD](14.51 KB)
  15. Uploading of Notice regarding Pension Adalat of Karnataka Circle in DoT website[PDF][PDF](272.13 KB)(272.13 KB)