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    INMARSAT Satellite Phone Service

    What is INMARSAT

    INMARSAT (International Maritime Satellite Organisation) operates a constellation of geo-stationary satellites designed to extend phone, fax and data communications all over the world.

    Tata Communications Ltd (TCL) permitted to provide Inmarsat services in India under their International Long Distance(ILD) licence granted by Department of Telecommunications(DoT). TCL has their Land Earth Station (LES) at Dighi, and INMARSAT-B, M, Mini-M & M-4 services are now being provided through this LES after No Objection Certificate (NOC) is issued by DoT on case by case basis.

    Who can apply for use of INMARSAT service?

    Any individual/ public/ private sector companies/ autonomous bodies/ Government departments etc. can apply for issue of No Objection Certificate for use of INMARSAT terminals to the CS Cell, Department of Telecommunications, Room No. 1204, Sanchar Bhavan, 20, Ashoka Road, New Delhi - 110 001.

    How to apply for No Objection Certificate?

    The application for issue of NOC should be made on plain paper with following information :

    1. Name of the party
    2. Full address of the party
    3. Place of use of INMARSAT terminals
    4. Period of use of INMARSAT terminals
    5. Purpose for which INMARSAT terminals will be used
    6. Type of Terminal for which NOC is required
    7. No. of terminals for which NOC is required.


    Policy for issue of NOC for use of INMARSAT Terminals

    • No Objection Certificate(NOC) to individual/ public/ private sector companies/ autonomous bodies etc. for the location specific use of INMARSAT 'B', 'C' & 'M' Terminals shall be issued on case by case basis under specified conditions.
    • NOC for INMARSAT Mini 'M' and M-4 Terminals shall be issued only to the Government departments for all areas of the country and for Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) for specific areas other than barred areas with the approval of DDG (CS) and NOC for INMARSAT Mini 'M' and M-4 Terminals for PSUs for barred areas (Punjab, J&K, North-East States and also the coastal areas of Gujarat, Tamilnadu and border districts of Rajasthan) shall be issued on case by case basis after getting clearance from MHA. In case of PSUs, the application should either be submitted by CMD himself or copy of his approval should be enclosed with the application.
    • NOC for INMARSAT Mini 'M' and M-4 Terminals for a foreigner/ accredited Media & news Agencies shall be issued on case by case basis after getting clearance from MHA.


    Terms and conditions for use of inmarsat Terminals: -

    • This permission issued hereby is subject to the provisions of Indian Telegraph Act and Rules made there under as modified from time to time.
    • The installation and maintenance of the said equipment shall be the responsibility of the 'party'.
    • The permission is subject to payment of licence fee, royalty charges and other charges leviable by TCL and WPC as per relevant terms and conditions.
    • Adequate safeguard against misuse shall be ensured by the party.
    • The party should ensure that facility is utilized for their genuine requirements only. The party should also ensured that adequate safeguards are taken against the risk of militant outfit gaining access to the use of satellite phones belonging to the party by threat or coercion.
    • Permission for use of the terminals is granted for Three years from the date of issue of the licence by WPC Wing.
    • This permission does not allow the proposed terminals to be directly connected to public switched network or any other dedicated network owned either by the 'party' or by any other party. Such inter-connection will be only through TCL Land Earth Station.
    • TCL will ensure through appropriate technical arrangement with INMARSAT, that the communication from the INMARSAT Terminals under reference, is not capable of being passed through any other Gateway. TCL will also ensure monitoring arrangement similar to those followed in case of communication through INMARSAT.
    • The equipment to be used should comply to the standard INMARSAT specification. TCL will ensure compliance to this as per standard INMARSAT procedure laid down for introduction of the terminals in their network.
    • Any departure from the license conditions/change of area of operation will need fresh sanction of DOT. However, DOT reserves its right to deny permission to such change.

    Types of INMARSAT TERMINALS for which No Objection Certificate (NOC) is issued by DOT


    • This is successor to INMARSAT-A System, it supports a similar range of services but is cheaper to use because it is based on modern digital communications technology and also digital design makes much better use of satellite power and bandwidth.
    • INMARSAT-B Land Mobile Terminals weighs around 15 Kgs. and antenna size is approximately 1.2 meter x 1.2 meter.



    • INMARSAT-C Mobile Earth Station (MES) has a small omni directional antenna, which can be easily mounted on a vehicle or vessel.
    • It supports data speed up to 600 bps and provides terrestrial interfaces with telex, fax, X.25, X.400 and Internet.
    • Weighs around 3 to 4 Kgs. and has an omni directional antenna of about 25 centimeter height.



    • INMARSAT-M System offers voice (4.8 Kbps), FAX (2.4 Kbps) and data (2.4 Kbps) Services.
    • INMARSAT-M Terminals are lightweight, portable and available for meritime, land mobile and portable versions.
    • Unlike INMARSAT-A Satellite Telephones, INMARSAT-M is a digital system.
    • Land Mobile Terminal weighs about 10 Kgs. and antenna size is approximately 70 cm x 50 cm.



    • This System offers voice (4.8 Kbps), FAX (2.4 Kbps) and data (2.4 Kbps) Services.
    • INMARSAT-Mini M Terminals are lightweight, compact and available in brief case version, vehicle mountable version and maritime version.
    • The terminal weighs around 2.5 Kgs. and the antenna size is approximately 30 cm x 30cm.


    INMARSAT-Multimedia Mini M (M4)

    • INMARSAT-Multimedia Mini M (M4) is a hybrid system of INMARSAT-B and INMARSAT-Mini M Systems.
    • The terminal weighs around 4 Kgs and the antenna size is approximately 100 cm x 70cm.
    • It supports high-speed voice, fax and circuit switch data services.
    • The terminal shall be low cost, lightweight and would be supporting 64 Kbps data facility with embedded communication applications.
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