Strategic Plan

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    1.1 The Indian Telecom sector has come a long way since liberalization started with New Telecom Policy (1999). Telecom sector has witnessed exponential growth especially in the wireless segment in the last few years. Telecom has evolved as a basic infrastructure like electricity, roads, water etc. and has also emerged as one of the critical components of economic growth required for overall socio economic development of the country. Total number of telephone subscribers have increased from mere 76 million in 2004 to more than 764.77 Million in 30th November 2010.

    1.2 The telecom sector is one of the major drivers of the growth of the Indian economy. It is the fastest growing telecom sector in the world with more than 16 million subscribers being added every month.

    1.3 The auction of 3G and BWA spectrum in June 2010 has opened the gates for the availability of the latest technology and innovations for Indian consumers.

    1.4 The total tele-density is now 64.34% as on 30th Nov 2010 and the telecom sector is one of the significant contributors to the Government revenue.

    1.5 Although, the progress of the past few years has been spectacular, there are several areas of deficit and concern for which a well thought out strategy has to be evolved for the development of this sector.

    1.6 In order to further boost the growth in Telecom sector, Government has decided to draft a Strategic Plan of Department of Telecommunications, for next five years.

    2.0 Vision, Mission, Objectives and Functions

    2.1 Vision:

    2.1.1 To provide to the people of India, reliable and affordable tele-connectivity capable of delivering tele-services anytime, anywhere.

    2.2 Mission:

    2.2.1 To develop a strong, vibrant, secure state-of-the-art telecommunication network providing seamless coverage with special focus on rural and remote areas and bridging digital divide.

    2.2.2 Promote Research and Development and Product Developments in cutting edge technologies and services for domestic and worldwide markets

    2.2.3 Promote Development of new standards and generate IPRs to make India a leading nation in the area of telecom standardization, especially among Asia Pacific countries.

    2.2.4 To create knowledge based society through proliferation of broad band facilities in every part of the country.

    2.2.5 Make India a global hub, for telecom services and telecom equipment manufacturing.

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