Carrier Services

  • Work Allocation of Carrier Services (CS) Division:

    (i) Licensing &Policy matters related to :-

         a. International Long Distance (ILD) Service.
         b. National Long Distance (NLD) service.
         c. Resale of IPLC service.
         d. Voice Mail/ Audiotex/ UMS services.
         e. Public Mobile Radio Trunking Service (PMTRS).
         f. Captive Mobile Radio Trunking Service (CMRTS).

    (ii) Registration &Policy matters related to Infrastructure Provider Category-I Registration.
    (iii) Residual issues related to IP-II licenses & Radio Paging licenses.
    (iv) Grant of NOC for International Roaming SIM Cards and related policy matters.
    (v) Policy matters related to Other Service Providers (OSPs).
    (vi) Issues pertaining to Green Telecom/renewable energy (Work related to operational and monitoring aspects of use of Non-renewable energy in telecom networks and Carbon footprint/Carbon credits will be looked by BW wing of DoT).
    (vii) Work related to Parliament Questions on Unsolicited Commercial Communications (UCC) / Telemarketers.
    (viii) Formulation and review of EMF emission norms from mobile towers keeping in view the recommendations of WHO/ITU/ICNIRP or any other authorized national/international organizations and coordinate with these agencies for country specific R&D work.
    (ix) Policy related to National EMF Portal (Tarang Sanchar), organising EMF awareness programs and research studies while handling complaints & court cases related to Mobile Tower emissions/ installation/ RoW issues. 
    (x) Infrastructure, Right of Way and other Policy related issues of Mobile tower installation. 
    (xi) Security clearance for :-
         a. Setting up of International Long Distance (ILD) Gateways and related issues. 
         b. Setting up of Cable Landing Station (CLS) and related issues. 
         c. Remote Access (RA) and related issues. 
         d. Foreign personnel/crew from MHA w.r.t. licensees of CS Cell.
         e. Cable Ships from Ministry of Defence for Submarine Cable Repair or survey works. 
         f. Security Monitoring & Lawful Interception Monitoring (LIM) related issues raised by Security Agencies w.r.t. NLD and ILD Licenses.

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