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    The Satellite Division is entrusted with the role of coordinating all policy matters pertaining to SATCOM planning/operations/monitoring, introduction of new Satellite Technologies, Grant of satellite related licenses/ permissions, SATCOM network permissions and coordination etc.

    Functional Structure:

    Satelitte Services

    Broad Mandate & Functions:

    a)    SATCOM network permissions and coordination with Department of Space (DOS) on satellite policy related issues:

    i.    Granting in-principle approval of all satellite related networks involving new technology/ augmentation in existing networks by Inter Ministerial Committee for Satellite Network Clearance (IMCSNC). The committee examines the proposals for technical feasibility & compliance to TEC/ITU specifications. IMCSNC examines and clears proposals for new satellite network / type of satellite services including for VSAT, IFMC, UASL and NLD licenses.

    This committee has members from DOS, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (Mol&B), Wireless Planning & Coordination (WPC) and Network Operation & Control Center (NOCC). Satellite Division convenes the meetings and DDG (Satellite) chair the committee.

    ii.    Handling satellite-related subjects requiring specific knowledge & expertise; Representing DOT in SATCOM related committees in which DOS is the convener.

    b)    Grant of satellite related licenses/ permissions

    Processing of applications, signing of License Agreement, Monitoring of VSAT services for their customer base, compliance to licensing conditions and technical requirements of TEC/ITU, issue of amendments, clarifications, merger & amalgamation cases, terms & conditions' violations cases and handling other related matters in respect of the following licenses:
    i    Commercial CUG VSAT service license 
    ii    Captive CUG VSAT license 
    iii    GMPCS license & Sui-Generis category license for provision & operation of satellite based services.
    iv    Satellite handset related matters.

    c)    Handling policy matters in DOT pertaining to SATCOM planning, operations &  monitoring.
    d)    Coordinating for introduction of new Satellite Technologies & Systems.
    e)    Coordination pertaining to spectrum allocation, spectrum pricing & spectrum charging in respect of satellite services.
    f)    Assessing the satellite bandwidth demand for Satellite Communications.
    g)    Coordinating SATCOM bandwidth demand from 'Bharatnet', BSNL & other entities including USOF projects.
    h)    Participating in SATCOM related activities, relevant study group etc.
    i)    Handling subject matter(s) related to International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO), Intersputnik & International Mobile Satellite Organization (IMSO)
    j)    Remote area connectivity through SATCOM e.g. for A&N islands, Lakshadweep, North Eastern region etc.
    k)    Coordination in DOT regarding NavIC Navigation with Indian Constellation through Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS)
    l)    Coordinating with TEC on Interface Requirements for Satellite Systems and other SATCOM related matters.
    m)    Handle all related matters like court-cases, PQs, coordination with other departments /organizations pertaining to the subjects mentioned above.

    Policy and Guidelines


    A. How to Apply for Satellite related license(s)

    1. Presently, the authorisations under Unified License that pertain directly to the satellite-related services are:

    a) Commercial VSAT CUG

    b) Global Mobile Personal Communication by Satellite (GMPCS).

    2. The Applicant companies desirous of getting an Authorization under Unified License may refer to the detailed guidelines of Unified License available vide letter No. 20-577/2016-AS-I (Vol III) dated 17.01.2022

    3. The applicant companies may submit the application form online on SARAL (Simplified Application for Registration and Licenses) SANCHAR Portal in the prescribed format. For ease of understanding, an illustration for indicative  purpose has also been provided as appendix in the following table:

    S. No

    Documents required


    Sample Copy


    Application Forms in prescribed format

    (a)     Prescribed Application Forms to be submitted

    (b)     All information of Application form to be filled


    Copy of Certificate of Incorporation  along Articles of Association (AOA) and Memorandum of Association (MOA)

    (a)     Certificate of Incorporation alongwith complete copy (all pages) of AoA and MoA to be submitted. Each and every page to be certified by Company secretary/ Statutory Auditor and countersigned by Authorized Signatory of the company.

    (b)     Provision of Satellite service should exist in main object clause of MoA

    Download The file (6.81 MB) pdf Icon


    Non Refundable Processing Fee

    (a) Processing fee to be submitted preferably through SaralSanchar/Bharatkosh portal..

    Alternatively, may be submitted through Demand Draft- payable at New Delhi in name of Pay and Accounts Officer Headquarter, DOT.

    (a)     For Commercial VSAT CUG = Rs. 30 lacs

    (b)     For GMPCS=Rs. 1.0 Cr



    Original Power of Attorney by resolution of board of Directors that the person signing the application is authorized signatory on stamp paper

    (a)     The Power of Attorney in favour of authorized signatory on a non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.100/-. To be given through Board Resolution. To be signed by a person other than in whose favour it is being given. It should bear the seal of the company. It should be notarized. It should have specimen signature of Authorized signatory.

    (b)     A separate Board Resolution on company letterhead duly signed by board of Directors is also to be submitted.

    1. Download The file (763.71 KB) pdf Icon

    2. Download The file (333.47 KB) pdf Icon


    Details of Promoters/Partners/shareholder in the company

    To be submitted on company letterhead and signed by Authorized Signatory as per para 7(a) of the application Form. Complete break up of 100% equity to be submitted. In case another company is having some shareholding in the applicant company, then complete breakup of shareholding of that company upto the ultimate beneficiaries also to be given.

    Further a diagrammatic representation of the flow of funds starting from the applicant and tracing back to the ultimate beneficiary need to be submitted.

    1. Download The file (308.86 KB) pdf Icon

    2. Download The file (255.4 KB) pdf Icon

    3. Declaration as per Press Note 3 (2020) of DPIIT dated 17.04.2020

    4. Diagrammatic representation of flow of fund


    Board resolution regarding appointment of statutory auditor along with specimen signature of CA

    If Certificate of Incorporation, MoA, AoA and Equity certificate are certified by Statutory Auditor (CA), then a Board resolution on company letter head is to be submitted for appointment of statutory auditor along with specimen signature of CA. To be signed by authorised signatory.

    Download The file (347.95 KB) pdf Icon


     Registered office Address in the application form should be same as mentioned in Certificate of Incorporation. If Registered office has been changed, then a certified copy of Form INC-22 / Form 18 with GAR & Challan copy (to be certified from Company Secretary/ Statutory Auditor) is to be submitted.

    Download The file (1.14 MB) pdf Icon

    Disclaimer: The above is a simplified depiction of the documentation for ease of understanding. For more details, applicants may refer to UL guidelines /License & amendments issued time to time.

    B. Apply for Captive VSAT CUG Network License

    The applicant must be an Indian company registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956/Government department/ Government organizations. The total composite foreign holding of the registered company shall be governed by Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy of the Government of India as announced by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion from time to time. For complete details about terms and conditions of the license agreement, the applicants are advised to refer to a draft Captive VSAT CUG license document available on (link) and

    Documents required

    1. Copy of Certificate of Registration
    2. Copy of Memorandum of Association
    3. Copy of Article of Association
    4. Copy of Agreement between the Indian Company and Foreign Partner(s), if applicable
    5. Copy of approval of Government of India for terms of Foreign collaboration or copy of application submitted to SIA/ Government in this regard with proof of submission
    6. Latest Income Tax Clearance/ Income Tax Return
    7. List of Telecom Service License(s) held by the company and its allied/ sister concerns/ partners/ equity holders/ promoters, if any, and their present status
    8. Resolution of Board of Directors/ other proof that the person signing the application is authorised signatory
    9. Brief write up of the proposed network & services along with schematic diagram
    10. Link Engineering for all types of carriers with approved satellite parameters
    11. Carrier Power & Bandwidth summary showing total space segment & satellite power requirements
    12. Clause-by-clause compliance to applicable TEC GR/ IR [TEC IR No.42012:2022]
    13. List of model & make of all the equipment proposed in the network along with their specifications/data sheets
    14. Exact locations of Hub/central site and tentative locations of other earth stations/ VSATs


    Captive VSAT CUG License is applicable to install a VSAT - small-sized earth station used in the transmit/ receive of data, voice, and video signals over a satellite communication network, excluding broadcast television, for personal use, in remote and inaccessible locations (rural areas, ships, coastal regions, hills, etc) where there is limited or no terrestrial connectivity.


    C. Apply for In-flight and Maritime Connectivity (IFMC) Service Authorization

    A company can obtain IFMC Authorization to provide wireless voice or data or both type of telegraph messages on ships within Indian territorial waters and on aircraft within or above India or Indian territorial waters. The IFMC Service Provider so authorised may provide such services in geographical areas such as Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ), High Seas, etc. in accordance with the rights granted to State under the international laws.


    (a) Applicant holds a license for access service or an ISP category A license; and

    (b) holds an NLD license or a Commercial VSAT CUG service license, and has satellite gateway earth station within the service area of the license as specified in clause (a), in case connectivity through satellite is used.

    (c) any Indian airlines company or foreign airlines company having permission to enter Indian airspace by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation;

    (d) any Indian shipping company or foreign shipping company whose vessels or ships call Indian ports or transit Indian territorial waters and intend to carry out communication for non-GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) [routine] or for commercial purpose; and

    (e) any company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 (18 of 2013) or under any previous company law.

    For more details Gazette notification dated 14.12.2018 "Flight and Maritime Connectivity Rules, 2018", as modified from time to time, may be referred and also visit Saral Sanchar Portal.

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